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This was especially evident in matters concerning the lack of attention younger managers pay to older workers, each group's attitudes towards the other, and stereotyping.
Younger shoppers feel strongly about wanting stores to wrap fresh meat and poultry so it doesn't slime.
Delbert Wilson, general manager at Hill Country Telephone Cooperative (Ingram, Texas), echoed that sentiment, adding that the mobility of younger customers makes them unique.
For the experiment, researchers raised members of a mutant, short-lived species of fruit fly, (Sod flies) in a vial with younger members of control fruit flies.
But women were the better positive thinkers, feeling two years younger than the average male.
But what did prompt such a pronounced shift in the relative wages of younger cohorts?
Both older and younger workers appreciate and learn from the qualities each brings to the workplace.
I think of myself as being part of a younger generation though certainly not chronologically.
I feel it is the responsibility of us "uncle" gays to make sure that the younger generations are informed about just how devastating this disease is.
Certainly Luke's intended audience felt the sting of the older son's gentle rebuke as well as the acceptance of the younger son.
To attract younger buyers, some long-term-care insurers are offering built-in benefits such as return of premium if death occurs prior to age 65.
For example, many younger priests refuse to meet and get to know older priests.