younger generation

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The younger generation, conscious of strength and tumultuous, have done with knocking at the door; they have burst in and seated themselves in our seats.
I have read desultorily the writings of the younger generation.
The increase in the younger generation of children who could not read nor write was perilous.
Sir Patrick never allowed "his time" to be made the subject of disparaging remarks by the younger generation without paying the y ounger generation back in its own coin.
Sir James never ceased to regard Dorothea's second marriage as a mistake; and indeed this remained the tradition concerning it in Middlemarch, where she was spoken of to a younger generation as a fine girl who married a sickly clergyman, old enough to be her father, and in little more than a year after his death gave up her estate to marry his cousin--young enough to have been his son, with no property, and not well-born.
Mebbe the younger generation is wiser in such thins--I don't know.
The politeness of this younger generation," he remarked, "keeps the truth sometimes hidden from us.
She stood looking at them with a smile of expectancy on her face, as if a scene from the drama of the younger generation were being played for her benefit.
Captain Jim spoke with the pathos of the aged, who see their old friends slipping from them one by one--friends whose place can never be quite filled by those of a younger generation, even of the race that knows Joseph.
And it's my notion that you observe and learn most by watching the younger generation.
Two only of the younger generation, Joe Rendal and Eddy Moore, had set out to make their fortunes in New York; and both, despite the gloomy prophecies of the village sages, had prospered.
JAKARTA, Dec 8, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - The European Union (EU) held a concert in Jakarta on Sunday to raise awareness among Indonesia's younger generation in the face of climate change, according to EU Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Guerend.