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Unsurprisingly perhaps, the fierce little woman has been pictured as a rather youngish, red-haired soul and the pirate, a fairly cool dude.
When I see a youngish woman with a Rhodesian ridgeback hound, I realize that she lives in the apartment next to mine," Sacks writes.
They are a youngish, energetic side and carry a big goal threat with their two lads up front (Mark Reed and Michael Towey) and one in midfield (Keiran Lugsden) who have scored nearly 30 goals between them this season," says the player-boss.
We've got a youngish team and a lot of them won't have played in cup finals so it will be a first time for them.
Lurking between youngish (which means somewhat young) and younglet (which is an alternative form of youngling, a young animal), the phrase 'young lady' is described as "now avoided in polite use except among some old-fashioned speakers and jocularly.
What you don't want to do with youngish blokes - Mitch is still pretty new to the game and pretty new to fast-bowling really - is fill his head full with too much.
Cast: William Ash, Christine Bottomley, Stuart McQuarrie, Claire Keelan, Shaun Dingwall Plot: A youngish couple, Zakes (Ash) and Beth (Bottomley) are driving up the M1 near Manchester one evening, stopping at service stations for Zakes to put up advertising posters in the toilets.
Just when it looked as thought architectural websites had collapsed into a slough of earnest, semi-pointless, corporate dullness, there's been a small rash of youngish sites which are casually and happily ignorant of the old PR-jargoned and brochure-aping models.
Meanwhile, the current love of Temperance's life is going back to his wife to bring some order to his troubled young daughter's life; her sister Harry is going through yet another divorce; and Tempe's estranged husband wants to divorce her and marry a sweet youngish thing.
Trish Butrej is quoted as saying: 'One has to wonder whether the decision would have been the same had the patient been a youngish man instead of an elderly woman'.
Corporate consultants, marketers and generational experts say relationships like the Bednarz' is something they often observe: Youngish parents (Mike Bednarz is 32) share more interests with their children than they once did with their folks.
It's a tribute to director Jeff Feuerzeig's presentational skills that by the movie's second hour, we can discern a bit more sophistication and shaky, Neil Youngish vocal artistry in Johnston's music.