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The youngster leaned back and snuggled up to Jurgis, murmuring contentedly; in half a minute he was sound asleep, Jurgis sat shivering, speculating as to whether he might not still be able to get hold of the roll of bills.
So the cheerful youngster rattled on, until he was tired out.
He told the National Assembly on Thursday that Islamabad traffic police was also running a campaign at colleges and universities in the capital to create awareness among youngsters regarding the dangers of one-wheeling.
Hailing the proposed schemes for youth development, the youngsters said that the laptop scheme already launched in Punjab had benefitted the students to pursue higher education.
However, they left behind a huge fund of goodwill among a group of Tyneside youngsters who met them during their stay.
COVENTRY'S Manufacturing Technology Centre will be setting challenges for youngsters at the Imagineering Fair this month.
OFFICERS say they are pleased with the success of an operation to keep youngsters away from crime.
I AM sending this message to the leader of Stockton Council: On behalf of residents of Stockton who have to deal with the consequences of your decisions, however well meant, we wish to have on record our objections to Stockton Council's encouragement of skateboarding and BMX cycling for the following reasons: 1 Health and safety of the youngsters and people passing by.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi Police in its crackdowns against one-wheelers have arrested eight youngsters who were found indulged in one-wheeling, rash and dangerous driving.
Summary: Youth in Action, a unique leadership development programme which brings together high-profile speakers from the private and public sectors, will address the youngsters of the UAE
Speaking in a Radio show Youth 2030, presented by Manar Bahr, Mr Al Jowder said Bahraini youngsters are ambitious about Shaikh Nasser's aspirations and visions, hailing his initiatives to support youngsters.
KONYA, Jun 7, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's foreign minister on Monday wanted Egyptian youngsters to be patient and to be ready for a long transformation process.