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He said old pensioners have given their youthfulness to their institutions and it was responsibility of the state to pay due rights to pensioners.
His youthfulness, modernism, and contemporary nature can be seen in his work.
These styling tweaks add an extra youthfulness to the already good-looking Vitara which should serve to broaden its appeal - especially coupled with the major change under the bonnet.
It would take something incredible to get me out of bed in the morning." Jane Fonda said that youthfulness is all about attitude.
Gilbert is a child at heart and his skating reflects his inner youthfulness and curious nature.
The youthfulness of the cast added to the emotional impact, and the final moments with Fitzgerald and Bernal were poignantly sung and acted with such sincerity that audience members were visibly weeping.
The study authors suggested that feelings of optimism associated with youthfulness might encourage a sense of control over issues such as diet, exercise, and stress reduction, making individuals more likely to take care of their overall health and enjoy an extended lifespan.
The eight factors were youth unemployment, youthfulness of the population, tuition costs, rental costs, rental availability, access to high-speed broadband, number of bars and other nightspots per capita and number of fitness facilities per capita.
Joseph'' having a sort of youthfulness, a freshness that makes each song sound brand new.
"Many people like to "turn back the clock" and regain some of their youthfulness, strength and energy.
Centuries of Recognizing the Impact of Youthfulness on
I don't know or care what she's done to achieve her youthfulness but, if you're at an event where most guests are young enough to be your daughter or grand-daughter, that's the way to do it.