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TEA TOWELS YUCK "Cloth towels can quickly and easily become contaminated at significant levels, including micro-organisms that can lead to food-borne illnesses," Science Daily reported.
Dr Belchburger's attempts so far have been unsuccessful but with a little help from the audience, Yuck soon starts to take shape.
YUCK The Wall Pity about the name but I reckon this band will go all the way with their brilliant self-titled album.
They had gone by boyish names like Sneaky, Big Barney, Little Joe and Yuck.
Shopper cards that you have to carry with you to get good prices Yuck.
YUCK - Yuck Verdict: COMPRISED of members of the lauded but defunct Cajun Dance Party, and with a name that inspires comment from almost everyone who hears it, Yuck had people talking months before their album release.
Yuck showcase the album on a UK tour which includes a gig at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh on February 22.