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Yuck play the Black Box, Belfast, tonight, doors 8pm, tickets PS7 www.
Yuck don't say or do much, but what they play is well worth hearing.
He is survived by his wife, Helen; sons, Evan, Bruce and Randy; daughter-in-law, Judy; sister, Yuck Har and brother-in-law, Nam.
She can yuck it up with 20-somethings Damon and Danny--the show's bitchy romp through the subject's inevitably horrific home remains its most entertaining segment--but you also get the feeling she could silence any of them with a piercing glance.
At lunch I used to have people say yuck to what I eat.
Sure, we yuck it up about lawyers going over cliffs in busloads and lying whenever their lips move.
Testers are encouraged to share with others, compare favorites and go online to rate each flavor on a five-point scale of yuck to yum.