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It's a medium-bodied, herby-smelling red with lots of forest fruit yumminess.
At the 48th National Chicken Cooking Contest, a chicken burger won the hearts and taste buds of the judging panel, spotlighting the easy use and yumminess of ground chicken.
So how can we get a critique that gets down into that yumminess, right?
I did nothing but squeeze pre-made batter into a pan and get the temperature and time right on the oven, but when I unveiled that tray of warm yumminess .
Drawing inspiration from the Founding Fathers' words and power from the yumminess that is the cheesesteak, Pujols batted .
It is as follows: Amount of sticky BBQ goo splattered on eater's chin multipled by looks of disgust on the faces of fellow diners equals yumminess of ribs.
Modest catering is available before the concert, and I can vouch for the yumminess of the cheese and spring onion rolls.