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Lord, help us to be zealous for You and for Your house.
Zealous Automotive, part of the Zealous Group, Springs, South Africa, invested heavily in its aluminum diecasting operation in 2010.
Vijay Raj, Managing Director, Zealous Call Center Services Pvt.
I recognised one of the stewards as a particularly over zealous type as he had threatened to 'hoof' me and my son out of one of the turnstile areas about two seasons ago when all we were doing was having a half time packet of crisps and chocolate bar away from the melee of the crowd behind the stands.
IT'S great to see that David Kirwan has not lost his zealous ability to bombard the local press with a deluge of letters (Daily Post, May 24).
Surely thiswould make sense because the potholes are more of a menace to the over zealous drivers and joyriders than the speed humps In 2001my dadKen called for these traffic hazard humps but the Elm Park residents committeewere turned down.
1 : filled with or showing a strong and energetic desire to get something done or see something succeed <The police were zealous in their pursuit of the criminals.
In the past seven days before being interviewed in November, zealous Republicans tend to be more likely than their friends across the aisle to consume:
At the other end of the employee personality spectrum are the "passionate" individuals--the zealous, creative, and innovative.
Executive director for Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario Doug Reynolds says logging roads have opened up paradise for zealous local anglers and hunters and a mechanism is needed to regulate accessibility into logging roads.
Yes, you may still sell to Ford--after all, that is pretty fundamental to business--but your approach will probably be less than zealous.