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But she questions the strain of lactivism (a portmanteau word for lactation and activism) that is practised by zealous advocates and has made dangerous incursions on public health policy.
Before removing Baker from the case, Zennach told Stull that, in his opinion, Baker is "one of the most zealous advocates for her clients" among local defense lawyers.
The proliferation of RPA technology in the last two decades has far exceeded the expectations of even its most zealous advocates when the US Air Force assumed control of the mission in 1995.
In fact, a Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation endorsed by dozens of judges around the country notes that "[l]awyers have twin duties of loyalty: While they are retained to be zealous advocates for their clients, they bear a professional obligation to conduct discovery in a diligent and candid manner.
Even when public outrage was at its peak at the so-called Million People March at Manila's Rizal Park last August, even the most zealous advocates wanted prosecutorial agencies to quietly investigate.
As zealous advocates of the short story, we believe this is an excellent way to engage readers in the digital age and encourage them to discover unknown voices from Europe, the Middle East and beyond," said Jim Hinks of Comma Press.
It says that lawyers have twin duties of loyalty both "to be zealous advocates for their clients .
Pro-life advocates are dismissed as fascist-like Bible thumpers by zealous advocates of abortion rights.
How to make sure lawyers know enough about e-discovery to meet their professional responsibilities and be zealous advocates for their client.
Specifically, lawyers are zealous advocates within the bounds of legality, and they have that role because it is essential for permitting a system of laws to fulfill its purpose as a scheme of social co-operation.
The Prime Minister and his Deputy are zealous advocates of their coalition, as one would expect - both have huge amounts to lose should things go wrong.