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Zealousness for the faith inspired crusader armies to battle heathens in the name of Jesus Christ.
Rather, private enforcement poses a mix of zealousness,
The irony is not lost that the superintendent's zealousness to hold insurance companies accountable for their misdeeds --as perceived by him--does not apply to entities under his direct supervision, e.
The regularity with which he's changed positions and his rhetorical zealousness both before and after his "conversions" give the impression he's severely malleable.
In the scheme of things the retirement of Lewis Hamilton and Pastor Maldonado in Valencia, due to the latter's zealousness, was probably the luck he was overdue.
The CBSO handled all this tumbling zealousness with skill and commitment under the equally committed baton of the enthusiastic Andrew Manze.
Has your national zealousness died and your pride ran out while the Zionists daily perpetrate grave and base crimes against the people and the children?
34) It is apparent to all that her zealousness and integrity will be truly missed on the Court of Appeals.
Ultimately, the over-reaching and antagonizing zealousness of missionaries like Zwemer, the scandals which rocked some Christian orphanages, financial woes as well as a cultural shift among Presbyterians in America toward a more relativist type of Christianity forced a change in the Presbyterian mission in Egypt toward standing as Christian witnesses instead of active proselytism.
They are the legendaries who displayed ardour, enthusiasm and zealousness for our group," Bunda told Qatar Tribune in an interview on Thursday.
And at the same time, those who blindly insist that social service programs are sacrosanct and should be exempted from budget cuts are equally guilty of ideological zealousness making it impossible to compromise and thus govern.
I don't see the zealousness," he says, without any sense of pioneering self-righteousness.