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Maybe because of the policemen's zealousness, even in past incidents there are misunderstandings like this.
DepEd also noted that 57-year-old Tonlentino is "indefatigable" because he "even journeys to far-flung tribal communities to organize non-formal learning sessions during Saturdays and Sundays." Despite his age, DepEd shared that "he exudes euphoria and zealousness that prompt him to do more volunteer services."
'So far, our immunization accomplishment may be attributed to the zealousness of the health workers in trying to stem the upsurge in measles cases,' he added.
'It is disgusting that some parties have tried to use the tragedy to promote hate, zealousness, racial polarisation and ethnic tension.
Further signs of Washington's alarm at the zealousness of Seoul's overtures toward its neighbour emerged in late October.
During Guerrero's oath-taking ceremony on Wednesday, Duterte ordered the new Customs chief to "double the zealousness" in fighting corruption in the bureau.
He noted that while the company has rushed to ensure plenty of supply on hand, its "zealousness" could spark fierce competition with rivals, especially if demand remains low due to continued strength in black market sales.
The devoted CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI congratulates the entire Roots Millennium Schools students for their consistent hard work and zealousness, the competent Faculty members for their countless efforts and the proud Parents.
Donald Trump's overall policy towards global heat islands has been a mixture of Trumpian pragmatism and Bush-style zealousness, the latter largely a consequence of the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel often proffers counsel on ways to deal with the Middle East, advice that Trump very often takes.
'As a Land Commissioner of this county, I am so overwhelmed by your zealousness and commitment to erect such a huge facility here within no time.
"I do believe that just having aspirational policies will give leaders that much more force, that much more strength, to be able to have a conversation with future candidates who do get caught up in the zealousness of a race."
The zealousness of the attorney general's office has once again come under question over the speed and efficiency with which it appears to be working towards extraditing a 19-year-old Cypriot to the United States, wanted by the FBI for hacking related activities.