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Erb brought a zestful personality, booming voice, six-foot-plus height and a collection of bow ties to the national office when he became director of the foundation in 1997.
This was especially true for the women, who returned again and again to the stage, performing a zestful combination of more or less identical movements: swirling arms, pulsing torsos, and high-stepping feet.
In Hungary, Germany's prost is the more zestful proszit.
The spark of a new and zestful relationship can literally bring a sense of renewal of life itself to two people previously convinced that life was forever finished.
Red language includes such words as: spontaneous, innovative, stimulating, flashy, enthusiastic, gestures, excitable, performer, action, freedom, down with routine, likes change, zestful, future-focused, impulsive, spurt-worker, exciting, spends, lighthearted, originality, challenges and authority.
Why do not our zestful warmongers see that an invasion of Iraq will lead to divisive bitterness and eruptions of violence at home and unleash new waves of terrorism from abroad?
After a week which has tested his patience as much as his diplomacy, Eriksson found just one chink of light against Portugal in the zestful display of striker Alan Smith.
Vancouver Opera's second offering of the season, Die Fledermaus (sung in German with dialogue in English), under Nancy Hermiston's direction was a zestful and yet relaxed traversal of the somewhat convoluted plot, well supported by the opera orchestra under Neil Varon.
King with zestful watercolor and cut paper collages that appear almost
Despite a couple of heart attacks and numerous seizures, Edgar survives to continue the zestful game of mutual torture through which the couple has sustained 25 years of a marriage decidedly not made in heaven.
The art of science fiction is a yeasty, zestful marriage of Daft, Delacroix, and de Chirico, Homer, Rockwell, and Wyeth.
This gap, however, does not diminish the value of the book's main strength, its skilled and punctiliously documented evocation of the energy, the deviousness, the restlessness, the opportunism, the intrigues, and the irresistibly zestful self-confidence of those known, in western colonial discourse, by the bland generic `missionary'.