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With the Moon also zestier, there's a lot to suggest a stroke of luck is possible.
With the Moon also zestier, a stroke of luck is possible.
The consistent tongue-in-cheek quality of the story makes this one of Gass's zestier and lighter works of fiction.
Its sibling, the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund, is a bit zestier, taking a stake in smaller companies and markets with more pop, such as Indonesia.
Femme Vitale is now zestier and livelier, more exotic and fruitful.
50, packs a zestier punch and is rich in essential oils.
The headlines are zestier, Levine admits, but he doesn't pen most of them.
Unoaked Chardonnays tend to be fresher and zestier for drinking by themselves or with light dishes whereas oaked versions, particularly from the New World, tend to display richer, tropical fruit characteristics that are not overwhelmed by the stronger food flavours.