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A section of the challenging zigzag road in Pagbilao side collapsed last week due to heavy rains.
He said that zigzag technology was being used in Nepal was very close to brick kilns of Pakistan, added that such technology can reduce 70% emissions as well as enhancing fuel efficiency.
Select a 2mm-long, 1 mm-wide zigzag stitch on the machine.
50, all Marks & Spencer | Zigzag mannequin, PS29.
The Cuff: The cuff has a zigzag line which starts from the bottom front corner of the cuff and runs diagonally to the middle of the opening.
Variations of the knuckleball are also used in baseball and volleyball, so many players and coaches want to understand the physics at play during its zigzag trajectory.
LIVERPOOL-BASED actor JJ Henry will be teaching local children theatre skills in a new ZigZag Theatre Summer School, opening next month.
Use a straight stitch by hand or zigzag stitch by machine close to the inner folded edge to create the sides.
Zigzag works as a postmodern farce in two complementary ways.
Q I PARKED my car for just for two minutes on a zigzag line at a pedestrian crossing to drop something off quickly.
ZIGZAG ZIPPER (4-5F) duly completed an unbeaten run through the competition when overcoming a slow start and first bend bump to land the pounds 2,500 Zigzag Kennels Non Winner of Three final over 480m at Coventry on Sunday.
Speaking of puzzles, I have finished Part 2 and Part 3 of the Zigzag Word Search.