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In the memo, sent through the office of the party's national chairman, the zonal chairmen raised four key areas of indiscretions, which they alleged included the finances of the party, formation of ad-hoc committees, abandonment of the zones and change of party structures.
Zonal marking fosters collective responsibility, and can also enable teams who perhaps do not have an abundance of tall or powerful players to find a way to defend set-plays effectively, using more creative methods.
That flexibility is something I tried to teach the players from the very first day: the zonal marking system was criticised in England, but most teams are more flexible," writes Benitez.
An early definition for major SSWs based on temperature changes (WMO/ IQSY 1964) evolved to one using the reversal of the stratospheric zonal-mean zonal wind circulation, the basic concepts of which have endured in some form since the late 1970s.
One of the things you need when you go zonal is to have good headers of the ball in the correct areas, and both Jordans Clarke and Willis are excellent headers of the ball, so it's something we've adopted.
Sky analyst Davie Provan said: "At zonal marking everyone is static.
HMSI), the only two-wheeler company of Honda in India, today inaugurated its tenth zonal office in India at Patna in Bihar state.
Also making it through were Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, who now make up the Western division in the Zonal round of qualifying.
Summary: Habib Bank AG Zurich, a global financial services institution and a pioneer in the banking industry in the UAE, has moved into its own new state-of-the-art UAE zonal office in Dubai, as a part of its growth strategy in the GCC region aimed at positioning itself as the bank of choice for customers seeking convenience and security.
He has re- constituted eight zonal committees in the state to take charge of 10 Lok Sabha seats each.
Zonal Drying system provider CTT Systems AB announced today that it sends its congratulations to Japanese carrier ANA for being the first airline to fly the all-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Ajman Oman, Qatar and Bahrain started off on a winning note on the opening day of the AVC Continental Beach Volleyball Zonal Tournament being held at the Ajman Beach here.