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Anyone convicted of selling or possessing drugs within such a zone is subject to an enhanced sentence--a five-year mandatory minimum over and above the sentence imposed for the original offense.
As the first vendor to offer zoning as a standard feature in a switch product, Vixel has attempted to simplify zone creation and administration.
Among the tax incentives for corporations are annual tax credits of up to $3,000 for each empowerment zone resident employed.
The zone system adopted by the department alleviated these problems.
Since qualifying companies can only be credited for capital or personnel investments after the zone is established, the benefits are predicated on future growth in the zone communities.
Next, we added the outside stretch with a kick block on a hard force player, then went to more of a shorter version of the outside zone and ran it more like an Iso with zone blocking.
Another tax incentive for businesses located in an empowerment zone is an increased Sec.
One example is the creation of empowerment zones by the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993.
Observers say there have been 14 versions of federal enterprise zone legislation proposed since former Reps.
As we began to look at more and more aspects of this problem, it has become clear that it's not so easy to assume that this zone is incapable of large earthquakes,' says Thomas H.