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Among the screened isolates, three selected endophytes (ART 7, CTC11 and MOP5) with greater than 12 mm zone of inhibition were taken for further studies.
This was measured by zone of inhibition and minimum inhibitory concentration.
Zone of inhibition (mm) of AgNPs formed using leaf-flower and flower extracts S.
Table 1: List of bacterial isolates used for in vitro susceptibility testing Bacterial isolates Aqueous leaf extract used in various concentration ([micro]l) 10 20 30 40 50 Diameter of zone of inhibition in mm S.
Caption: Figure 3: Zone of inhibition for Lactobacillus acidophilus (1Developed varnish, S--Antibacterial standard varnish, C control (water))
Caption: Figure 3: Zone of inhibition of constituents of the flowers of V.
XRD and EDAX graphs confirm the absence of AgNP at the zone of inhibition (Figures 5(c) and 5(d)).
The smaller zone of inhibition demonstrated by the flavonoid rich fraction of this plant in vitro, compared to standard antibiotic drugs, does not necessarily imply that the extract demonstrates weak antimicrobial effects in vivo.
After the incubation, the zone of inhibition was measured.
Moreover, it can be noted that the antibacterial activity of EAE was weak with mean diameter of zone of inhibition equal to 10 mm and thus, considered to be partially active.