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Many of our zoonotic disease concerns have to do with dogs and cats, more so than exotics, such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and more recently, influenza.
Serving as a bridge or mediator, NEHA would be able to not only offer expert technical advice regarding environmental sources of zoonotic disease but also foster a worthy image for the public health workforce that has historically been the face of response in pandemic events such as the case of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009.
Zoonotic diseases, or zoonoses, are diseases that are transmitted between animals and humans.
The goal of the research was to identify areas where better control of zoonotic diseases would most benefit poor people.
With increased trade and travel, zoonotic diseases (transmitted between animals and humans) and animal diseases can emerge anywhere and spread rapidly.
Sustaining global surveillance and response to emerging zoonotic diseases.
Experts participating in the Emerging Zoonotic Diseases Conference in Cairo said that health officials need to coordinate with the media to avoid public panic and help control the spread of diseases.
The report outlines 12 recommendations as part of a plan to establish a comprehensive, global surveillance system to identify zoonotic disease threats as early as possible.
With this background, the story of zoonotic disease and its impact on animal and human disease unfolds.
3) List eight safety practices that will reduce the potential for contracting a zoonotic disease.
Step one is that we really need to start talking to each other to address unanswered questions about zoonotic disease detection and prevention,' she said.
Finnish ministry of agriculture and forestry reportedly said on Friday (5 November) that the zoonotic disease Anthrax had been diagnosed in a young bovine on a farm in southern Finland.