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To impair or make void; to destroy or annul, either completely or partially, the force and effect of an act or instrument.

Mutual mistake or Fraud, for example, might vitiate a contract.

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to destroy the force or legal effect of, for example, a deed.
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That Flynt won his Supreme Court appeal in the Falwell suit is a good thing indeed, though the fact that the decision in his favor was unanimous, and that it was written by Chief Justice William Rehnquist - about whom the left has little good to say - would seem to vitiate the Nazi parallel.
Hadley objected to the changes in a June 10 memo, saying they would "significantly vitiate the findings of the draft report." In a June 17 memo, Healy replied that she had never intended to change the substance or conclusion of the report, and had merely made some suggestions to improve its style.
Macaulay's prose style, much admired in its day, is somewhat pontifical and monotonous; similar qualities vitiate his poems.
Summary: Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 16 (ANI): With the restoration of internet services in Jammu Zone, the police on Saturday requested people to refrain from sharing fake messages or videos that may vitiate the atmosphere in the region adding that strict action will be taken against those circulating hate messages.
Strongly condemning the blast, he said conspiracies were being hatched to vitiate peaceful atmosphere of the province and country.
This way they impact adversely the economy of EU and vitiate the environment.
Maula Bakhsh Chandio said information minister Fawad Chaudhry comes and vitiate the atmosphere of the house.
DGMO Pakistan said such unprofessional and unethical acts are provocative, detrimental to the peace, vitiate the situation along LOC and also contribute towards further escalation.
Sayeed's party, the PDP, and described such incidents as a move to vitiate the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the state.
New Energy added the principle to the discriminatory-tax-bar landscape that reciprocity will not vitiate otherwise facial discrimination.
He developed a highly original and effective method of indirect communication that included the use of pseudonyms, which was one way for him to vitiate the philosophical fantasy that the truth that is a way in life can be broadcast and memorized.