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They are trying to vitiate the atmosphere in UP over trivial issues," the UP minister said.
Congress which is not prepared to face the elections is trying to vitiate the election atmosphere by these means," Naqvi added.
Because the reasoning of Sixth Circuit could vitiate enterprise zone legislation and other state incentive regimes across the Nation, TEI filed a brief as amicus curiae on September 23, 2004, urging the full court of appeals to reconsider the decision.
These omissions do not vitiate the work entirely, but to mention one case where things might have been given a bit more akribeia, the canonical version of the founding of the Platonic academy is accepted without question here (10-11), even though Hankins has recently shown that that version is far from certain.
Moreover, the grandchildren's failure to exercise their withdrawal rights did not vitiate the fact that they had the legal right to do so.
BJP President Rajnath Singh accused m dmi Party of attempting to vitiate the environment ahead of Lok Sabha polls.
Modi's rally on these dates may vitiate the atmosphere," an officer said.
On audit by the tax authorities, a review by such committee may help establish the reasonableness of the company's actions and thereby vitiate any penalties.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has reacted strongly to provocative statements of India saying these will further vitiate the regional environment.
Although the government has claimed that the IAS officer was suspended because her order to demolish an under- construction masjid wall in village Kadalpura could vitiate the atmosphere, highly- placed sources in government have told M AIL T ODAY that there is nothing in black and white that proves the Nagpal did so.
The Government side proposed that the members of the Committee should advise their party leaders to avoid commenting on the issues before the Committee as this would also vitiate the atmosphere in the Committee.